The Week in Review, 1/2-1/8/2019

This past week hasn’t been super exciting, but one of my goals this year is to get better about updating my blog more often and on a more consistent basis. So, Wednesday updates, ahoy!

Things I Did On The Internet This Week:

  1. I revamped my website and completely overhauled a lot of things here. I like the blog page more, now; the sidebar is one of my favorite things, and I’m excited to have it back on the page.

  2. I pledged for Extra Life 2019! This is my third year doing Extra Life, and I’m super excited to be a part of it again. I’m hoping to raise $500 again this year; last year, we absolutely crushed it, so I have no doubt we can do it again!

  3. I also started my Ko-fi page! I’ve got to update more often over there with projects and whatnot, but I honestly really wish I had a mobile option for that besides the browser on my phone. I think once I get in the habit of updating it more often, there won’t be any issues there. My first goal is $100, for a UV resin casting kit.

Gaming and Social Updates:

  1. I realized I’m nearing 1000 followers on my Twitter account, which is INSANE. Literally, what in the hell are ya’ll doing?

  2. Mailed some packages to friends! I love giving my friends gift,s so I’m super excited for them to receive them soon. :3

  3. Played about 10 hours of Stardew Valley (including some multiplayer with the bestie), and a few frustrating hours of Divinity: Original Sin II with Taber. We’re SO CLOSE to finishing the game, but we’re getting hung up on (one of) the final fight.

  4. I picked up Mass Effect: Andromeda, The Witness, and Life is Strange: Before the Storm to add to my “collection” of games. I’ll be playing Life is Strange at some point on stream this year, and I’m kind of hoping to do a blind playthrough for ME:A, too.

That’s about it for this week! It’s been pretty quiet, but I intend to have more updates next week featuring the minis I’ve been working on and some new photography projects.

Are you playing anything new, or looking forward to something coming out this year? I want to hear from you!