New Year, New ... Everything!

We’ve gotten an update around the website, holy heck! Everything looks all shiny and new, and there’s a lot going on.

In my previous post I mentioned I was working on a bullet journal, as well as nailing down my goals for 2019. It took a bit, but the first few months of the bullet journal are complete, along with all the yearly trackers for this year. That’s off to a great start; I’m really enjoying recording things and keeping a record of how the year is going so far. I feel motivated to keep going with it.

My goals for 2019 were a little more tough to get in line, but I’ve nailed them down to the following:

  • Make time to stream at least two days per week; preferably, one day for gaming, and one day for crafting or painting;

  • Do at least one planned photoshoot per month;

  • Do at least one blog post per week; and,

  • Actually start the cookbook project that I’ve been talking about for literal YEARS, now.

It’s a totally doable list! There are a couple of other smaller things that are in my bullet journal, like read 25 books this year, and actually complete the full 24-hour stream for Extra Life. I’m excited to have so many goals to work toward, and a way to look back on it all after the year is done.

And now… I have a large slab of fudge to break into and a game to play. Catch you next week!