The Week in Review, 1/16-1/22

What a week! It feels like it’s been a long one, even though my office was closed for a three day weekend. We’ve had a stressful few days on our team, with lots of changes and last minute corrections. it’s been crazy, but it’s looking like it will be another quiet weekend, thankfully.

Things I Did on the Internet This Week:

  • I’ve been posting photos of my miniatures I’ve painted, and my dice, over on my Instragram the last few days. I’ve really enjoyed delving back into that realm of photography; macro photography has always been my true love. I hope to use this to fuel some new work moving forward.

  • Streamed for a few hours on Monday on my Twitch channel! It’s been a while since I’ve been able to, so it was really nice to get back to that. I played Journey for the first half, and then Bound for the remainder. During Journey, I had a companion who showed me some of the glitch areas, and it was really cool to finally see them for myself!

Gaming and Social Updates:

  • I joined up with a couple of new Discord servers this week, both mostly focused on tabletop gaming and miniature painting. It’s been very interesting to see what other people are working on, and see how they’re interacting with folks.

  • I finally ordered a miniature from Kingdom Death: Percival. She’s so gorgeous, and I am super pumped to get my hands on her and bring her to life.

Other Things That Happened This Week:

  • I discovered Maggie Rogers’ music, and I’m honestly offended that no one introduced me to to their music sooner. Their newest album, Heard It In a Past Life, is my current go-to.

Things I Added to my Wishlist This Week:

What’s Coming Next Week:

  • I’m planning to do an unboxing video of the Kingdom Death mini I ordered, including information related to ease of purchase and shipping, pricing, etc. I should probably look into some video editing software….

What are you up to this coming week? Any exciting plans for the weekend?