The Week in Review, 1/9-1/15

Ahh, I’m a day late with my blog post! This week felt a little crazy; the first real, full week back in the office and boy howdy did it feel like it. I’ve been feeling a little off this week… A little down and out, but I’m pushing through and making the best of things.

Things I Did on the Internet This Week:

  1. I organized another D&D miniature exchange! We’re calling it “Shot Through the Heart”, and it’s got a loose Valentine’s Day theme going on. I’m participating this time, and I’m super excited about the piece that I’m painting and the package I’m putting together for my partner.

  2. Read this wonderful short story that my friend Robin put on her website, called “Medusa’s Eyes“. If you enjoy Greek mythology, this is one you should check out!

Gaming and Social Updates:

  1. I finally fixed the issues with my streaming, which is great. I had been avoiding streaming due to issues with sound from both my mic and my PC, but I managed to clear them up, so hopefully we can stream again soon! I’m planning to start back up with Life is Strange.

  2. My partner and I finished Divinity: Original Sin II this past week, and we also started a four-player game with two of our friends last night. I absolutely ADORED this game, and if you haven’t played it yet… Highly recommended.

    1. Related: I watched this documentary today about Larian Studios, and recommend watching that, too. It was really interesting, and super well done. Hats off to Gameumentary for this.

  3. I also managed to get my minis in front of my nice camera a couple times this week, and got some really good detail shots. I’ve missed this sort of photography so much. Photographing people is great, but… I really love macro shots.

And that’s pretty much it! I didn’t keep super solid notes this past week, but I’ll do better moving forward so I have more to share.

Catch you next time!