April - Showers to Flowers

Whew, April felt like a super long month! March was a rough month, and April felt like it was especially gloomy and full of rain showers this year. 

The gloom was especially heavy for me this year. I can definitely say that I spent a lot of weekend mornings sitting and staring off into space, feeling a little lost. I managed to finished edits for shoots from Emerald City Comicon, and get a few other projects tucked away. Overall, the month was quiet as I worked to pull myself out of the funk I'd been in since March. 

As April went along, I found myself feeling better and better. My mood has improved substantially in the last couple of weeks as I pull projects together and get things tucked away. Productivity always has good effects on my mood.  

A small highlight: I went to my first burlesque show! I got to see a show by the After Midnight Cabaret, and it was absolutely fantastic. It was a really great event that really made me eager to get back to work on costumes and photography. 

Upcoming highlights for May:

  • Everfree Northwest: I'll be hosting the photobooth at Everfree Northwest this year! The convention is running from the 18th through the 20th, and I'll be on site each day from 10am to 6pm. I'll be available for shoots at the con either before 9:30 or after 6:15, and I would be very happy to work with anyone who will be coming out! I'll have some nice lights this year, so shooting after the sun goes down won't be a huge issue this year. ;)
  • Radiant Northwest: I got confirmation from Radiant Northwest that I've been accepted to their Artist Alley! I'll be bringing my flower crowns, as well as a bunch of handmade jewelry and other goodies. I'm super excited for this event, which happens to fall on my birthday weekend in July, and really hopeful that this will prepare me for selling my crowns at other events in the future. 
  • Collaboration Shoot: I've connected with Liz Zusev again, and we're teaming up with Angel Inez for a fun shoot soon! The current theme we're thinking has something to do with fairy tales, and I'll be designing some custom crowns for the shoot, as well.

I think that's the catch up for April! How was the month for you?