February - Another Month, Done!

It feels like I just wrote the blog entry for January, and here I am... Writing the blog post about February! Craziness!

February was, overall, a fairly quiet month. I needed it, though! I had the flu earlier this year, and had a tough time shaking it. The last few weeks have had me with random fever spikes, and I've missed a couple of days of work to stay home and try to sleep it all off. I've also been trying to do more in the way of self-care: Sleepytime tea before bed, more long baths with good books, tasty chocolates... 

Sometimes, you gotta do for you, you know what I mean?

I participated in a shoot this month, in front of the lens! I shot with Charlie Liu, and it was a very fun experience. We went to Home Depot for one of those "ugly location" shoots that are all the rage right now, then hit a small park nearby, and finally a coffee shop for a latte and a cookie. It was a great day, and a lot of fun. So much so that we're getting back together in March for a shoot at Rattlesnake Lake, and we're dragging Amanda from Pretty Prism Photography with us! It's going to be a really fun afternoon, and I'm super pumped for it all to come together. 

Due to my illness, my Valentine's shoots ended up falling through, unfortunately. This makes me feel like I've fallen a little behind some made up quota for shoots each month that I totally don't actually have. But, you know, that terrible nagging voice in your brain that says you're not doing enough? 

Yeah, that one. What a pain. 

I ended up taking a lot of time to relax and prepare for March in February, honestly. Emerald City Comicon is this weekend, the big shoot at the lake is on the 10th, and then Sakuracon weekend is March 30th through April 1st... Practically right around the corner! Soon enough, Everfree NW will be here... And then Radiant Northwest!

Here's hoping between all of these events I can make some time to do some little shoots and get those creative juices flowing. Are you interested in making some magic together? Drop me a line! Let's work something out!

Studio shoot with  Maddy Kay .

Studio shoot with Maddy Kay.