January - What a Month!

January feels like it was here and gone in a whirlwind of activity! Everything moved so quickly, but also felt like it took quite a while to get through...

Do you ever have those days? I know I definitely do. 

January brought some fun and exciting things to my little world of photography! I received a ring light as a Christmas gift, along with a bunch of lights and diffusers, so I've been using those quite frequently this past month to move from "Natural Light" photographer to "I Can Shoot Whenever I Want Because I Control the Light" photographer. It's been an interesting new process, shooting inside and learning the curve of editing and how things need to be adjusted for in that process. It's been fun!

I also did two shoots in January that challenged me in different ways. One with a new friend, Amanda of Pretty Prism Photography - Amanda was looking for headshots for her Twitch channel, and I was very eager to use the new ring light and the sequined backdrops that I recently acquired. I've always felt less than stellar when it comes to portraiture (which, somehow, feels different than boudoir or cosplay photography), but the images we captured are fun and I think that they showcase the best of both of us. 

The other shoot I did was with my friend Meris, known around the 'net as The Fabric Alchemist. She had acquired a mermaid costume at a charity auction, and approached me about shooting a boudoir scene with it. HOW could I possibly say no to that idea?! I couldn't, obviously. We worked together to create a warm, glowing concept, and I think the final images are absolutely wonderful. 

February is already gearing up to be a busy month, as well. I have a shoot this weekend that I will be modelling in (with Charlie Liu behind the lens), and then next weekend my girls Shelby and Julianna are coming to shoot some super cute Valentine's Day sweetness in my kitchen. Add in a weekend trip at the end of the month, Critical Role on Thursdays, Numenera on Fridays, and it being my turn to make dinner on Monday nights, and well... Ya girl is busy! 


I've got some other news, too, but that can wait for next time! As always, thanks for coming by and reading my blurbs. I appreciate your support!

Interested in booking a shoot? Send me an email, and let's work something out!