Journaling and 2019


2019 is coming up fast. We have less than a month to get those New Year Resolutions figured out, and then it’ll be time to implement them. Are you already prepared?

My big step for 2019 is that I want to focus on the things that have made me happy in 2018, and expand on them. I want to go harder into painting miniatures, I want to stream on a more consistent basis, and I want to start reading tarot again.

Most of all: I want to get back into photography, but I want to start slow. I feel like 2018 was a year full of hard lessons, and the biggest one was that I need to have goals set but I need to work toward them at my own pace. Burning myself out to get them accomplished isn’t going to get me anywhere.

In fact, it will set me back nearly an entire year.

So, my two objectives for the remainder of December: Nail down my goals for 2019, and start a bullet journal to keep everything in line. I’m excited to start journaling, and I think a bullet journal will be the best way to for me to manage what I’m wanting to do and keep track of important things each month.

February marks the two year anniversary of this blog and website. I’m not sure if I’ll do anything exciting for it, but we’ll see. I just hope that by this time next year, I’ll be writing a long entry looking back at all the things I did in 2019, and how amazing it was.