A Few Changes...

There are some big changes coming down the line around here, and I'm really excited to share them with you!

The Giosia household is moving! Currently, my private studio and apartment are located in Renton. At the end of this month, I'll be moving to a large house in Federal Way! The house has quite a bit of space, so I'm hoping to have a more permanent setup for private shoots of all kinds. While it's farther away from Seattle, this is really great opportunity for me to expand the types of shoots I can offer.

Our new location has a very large recreational space in the basement, along with two full baths with tubs and showers of varying types. Additionally, there is a garage that I'm already plotting to turn part of into a soft box studio. Tack on a fairly private garden, a second-story deck with a lovely view of the woods, and at least one room that can be turned into a private studio at pretty much a moment's notice, and well.. It's almost any photographers wet dream, honestly. 

So, due to this move, I have very limited time this month for shooting or updates, unfortunately. I have two shoots this week (both Sunday and Monday), and I will probably be sharing a lot of those photos through the month of May. I'll be back in full swing in June, so be prepared!