On Giving Up

What do you think about the idea of giving up? When it's something that doesn't work quite the way you thought it should, I always feel like these are learning experiences to take with you to the next big thing. 

I recently submitted photos for publication, and learned only one of the four or five that I'd sent in were accepted. There are a couple of different ways that I could handle that particular scenario: 

  1. Vow NEVER to work with that publication again! How DARE they insult my models and me by not accepting our work!
  2. Feel sad that the hard work that we put in wasn't good enough to be featured, and allow it to drag me down; or,
  3. Take this information, look at the other accepted spreads, and use it as a learning opportunity to do better next time. 

In this particular scenario, I chose to do number three: Learn from this moment. Looking at the other accepted shoots, I can see the differences between what was accepted and what I'd submitted that wasn't published. I have an aesthetic for many of my shoots that are quite "samey": They're bright white, airy, and delicate. Many of the shoots that were accepted were filled with color, bright and bold, with stand out makeup and fully designed sets. 

Absolutely incredible work all around, but generally speaking... Not the sort of shoot that I usually work on. 

As a teachable experience, I know now for next time that working harder toward setting the scene is important. Providing a space that really lends itself to the overall feeling and design of the clothing and aesthetic the model is going for is important, too. And with this particular publication, perhaps... More is more. 

I have a couple of new holiday shoots coming this month, and I'm super pumped to get to work on designing the sets that will help to set the proper mood we're looking for. The final images will be featured here after the New Year holiday, so please look forward to it!