It's Been A While...

And I'm notoriously bad at updating my blog. I am trying to get better at it; I have so many things I want to share with you all!

So, here we go, starting over again. New ventures are happening here, so please stay tuned for new products and pictures coming your way!

Sakuracon 2016 - Come and Gone!

Well, the beginning of con season has officially come - and gone!

Sakuracon happened over Easter weekend, and I had an AMAZING time hanging out with old friends and making some new ones. I got a lot of really great photos that I am super excited to share with everyone ... 

This coming weekend is Emerald City Comicon, and I'm again looking forward to spending an awesome weekend with friends, wearing cosplay, and getting some really great photos. I can't wait!


Where We Come From - 2008

2008 was the year I started taking a lot of photos of things going on in my daily life. My husband and I had just moved back to Maine, so that we could go to school. I also purchased my first ball-jointed doll, so many of the photos I took this year were of her. 

Unfortunately, it also looks like over half my photos from this year have been lost; I have photos starting in September through the end of the year, but anything from the earlier part of the year are gone. 

Where We Come From - 2007

There are a lot of quotes about practice making perfect, and striving to get better at your art. In this series of posts, I'd like to share with you where I started, and how my talents have progressed since the beginning. 

I started my journey in photography in 2007. My husband's grandmother gifted me my first camera, and I was immediately hooked. I took photos of everything, but my favorite was nature photography. My secret "When I Grow Up" dream turned into "Become a Wildlife Photographer for National Geographic."

This the about the time I started to call myself a photographer (event if I was using the word "amateur" to describe my work). This is where I found my art, and some of the greatest joy I've known. 

Con Crunch

The con season is upon us! We're moving into con crunch time, with less than one month before Sakuracon. Sakuracon is the first convention of the year for me, followed up quickly by Emerald City Comicon

I'm feeling pretty lucky this year, as all my personal cosplay projects are done for the first convention. It's been pretty intense, getting everything ready, but now I can focus on the cons coming up after Sakuracon. It's a great feeling to be ahead of the game!

My goal at all the conventions this year is to take more hallway photos of cosplayers. This has been my goal for the last few years, but my anxiety has really hampered my ability to do it. After an amazing convention experience with my friend Christa down in Portland last year, I'm feeling better about it, and very ready to meet my goal!

Will you be at Sakuracon this year? I'm looking forward to meeting new folks, and having a lot of fun! So be sure to say hi, if you see me!

Jordan, of Lady Dame Designs, as Merida

Jordan, of Lady Dame Designs, as Merida

A Fresh Start

2016 is here. The new year has arrived, and is already a month old. It's hard to believe that so much time has passed since I created this site, or even thought about it. 

The new year celebrations are always about new goals and new leaves. Becoming a whole new you. This year, my resolution was simple: Be more mindful, especially in the moment I'm living. In an effort to that, I've decided to restart my website, but a very pared down version. 

The new website will be blog heavy, sharing my latest photos and occasional other posts about music, movies, cosplay... A little bit of everything. I've removed the gallery pages from the site; all the photo updates in the future will be strictly on the blog. I have left the Services and About pages as they were, and the fee information can be accessed via the Services page. 

At the end of the day, I wanted to create a site that reflects some of the important facets of my life. I cannot wait to share with you the new photos, and all of the other new things happening in my life. 

2016 is going to be an exciting year, and I'm looking forward to sharing it all with you!